blue artists

We can collectively manipulate prices and discuss it on gaia.

Reported Guild:

Reason Reported:
Cooperative Price Manipulation is taking place in this guild. Other guilds that had worked for the opposite end - collectively working towards raising prices artificially and manipulating the market were shut down... this guild is doing the same thing... it is seeking to artificially manipulate the market collectively to lower prices. Those who had inflated were told that they are allowed to price things how they want to, they just can't work together to do it... Shouldn't that same non-rule (I say non-rule because it isn't written anywhere that people cannot work together, however guilds were shut down because they did) apply to this guild as well?

Demon Seishi:
Thank you for the report however there is nothing we can do about it. The admins have decided that there's nothing wrong with guilds doing this sort of thing and thus, we as mods are unable to delete these guilds. :(

Me: Does this mean that if one wanted to create a guild with the sole intent of organizing cooperative inflation of an item that would be permitted?

Demon Seishi: Yes :(

I would suggest we move back to guilds. I'm currently the owner of Trevor's old guild, so if anyone isn't there yet, I'd suggest we go back there (and since we can now recruit people, we might as well try).